Abacus is a simple, fast way for businesses to reimburse their employees for company expenses.

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Comparison: Which Microsoft Dynamics ERP Is Right For You?

The Microsoft Dynamics family is comprised of four ERP solutions that each have their own history, use case, and fan base. See which one fits you. The post Comparison: Which Microsoft Dynamics ERP...   [ Read More ]


How Tesla Could Reduce Expenses More Efficiently

Elon Musk's latest austerity crusade centers around an inefficient expense-cutting effort. Here's how real time expense reporting could help. The post How Tesla Could Reduce Expenses More...   [ Read More ]


How Abacus Permissions Data Through Its API (Part 1)

Welcome to the first in a series of technical blog posts explaining how Abacus secures information exposed to consumers of our API. This series will lean a bit into the metal, but if you’re...   [ Read More ]


5 Ways To Measure The ROI of Attending A Conference

Sending an employee to a conference is expensive. The cost of admission itself (usually a few hundred dollars) is accompanied by travel, lodging, and meal expenses, plus the indirect costs of...   [ Read More ]


Two-Thirds of Accountants Want An Accountant President

We surveyed our community of accountants. Here’s why they think their profession's skill set would translate well to the Oval Office. The post Two-Thirds of Accountants Want An Accountant...   [ Read More ]


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