Abacus is a simple, fast way for businesses to reimburse their employees for company expenses.

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Survey: Would You Want An Accountant President?

We're asking a simple question: what would it look like if the US public elected a former accountant president—and would you support them? The post Survey: Would You Want An Accountant...   [ Read More ]


AbaCustard: How To Explain A Web App with Whimsy

To help the company understand the way our web application works, the Abacus Engineering team invented a fun, accessible analogy. The post AbaCustard: How To Explain A Web App with Whimsy appeared...   [ Read More ]


Why Apple Card Could Become the iPhone of Virtual Cards

By improving antiquated UX, Apple’s betting it has changed the aspect of credit cards that matters most to customers. Their goal: normalizing mobile payments. The post Why Apple Card Could...   [ Read More ]


6 Cool Things You Can Do With Custom CSV Exports

Here are just a few of the things you can do with data made effortlessly portable in this simple, powerful file format. The post 6 Cool Things You Can Do With Custom CSV Exports appeared first on...   [ Read More ]


How CFOs Help Win Top Talent With the Perfect Compensation Plan

In a recent CFO Leadership Council session, Finance and HR professionals discussed how salary and company culture combine to attract great employees. The post How CFOs Help Win Top Talent With the...   [ Read More ]


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