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How Robin Integrates Podia and ActiveCampaign to Teach Plant Foraging

Robin Harford of Eat Weeds Did you know that stinging nettle, or “Urtica dioica,” can be used to make a delicious risotto, gnocchi—or even beer? Robin Harford is a solopreneur,...   [ Read More ]


Opt-in Copy that Doesn’t Suck: The Criminally Underrated Way to Grow Your Email List

This is what happens when your opt-in form has bad copy: People don’t understand what you can give them (so why would they sign up?) Your offer is less interesting than plain white rice that...   [ Read More ]


5 Sign-Up Form Design Mistakes That Can Kill Your Conversion Rate (And How to Fix Them)

First impressions are everything. They make or break whether a successful conversion is in your future. Do you know what happens when you make sign-up form design mistakes? Allow me to give you an...   [ Read More ]


AC & Brasil: Ajudando pequenas empresas a crescer usando automação de marketing

When we opened our Sydney office earlier this year, we shared that over 50% of our customers come from outside the United States. Helping small businesses across the world grow has always been...   [ Read More ]


The Best Opt-In Email Example (Plus 6 Extra!) and the Perfect Places to Use Them

What’s a good opt-in email example? Good news – we have 7 of them for you! Getting people to give you their contact info is tricky. But, if you want to grow your business, you need a...   [ Read More ]


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