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Company Values Lists Don’t Matter

If you’ve ever applied for a job or done a little research on a company, there’s no doubt you’ve come across a company values list. These lists are a way for a company to define...   [ Read More ]


Outside of Activate: Things to Do in Chicago

Activate will be a great opportunity to hear great speakers, network with like-minded folks, and learn some tips to keep your business growing. But as is the case with any conference you attend,...   [ Read More ]


8 Email Marketing Mistakes Every Business Should Avoid

I believe it was Nietzsche who said: “email is dead.” Oh, what? He didn’t say email? Well whoever it was that said email is dead, specifically, email marketing was dead wrong. As...   [ Read More ]


Tip of the Week – Add a Contact at a Specific Point in an Automation

Did you know you can manually add a contact at a specific point in your automation? Just follow these steps: 1. Add a Goal action above the step in the automation that you want the contact to begin...   [ Read More ]


Mad Men Marketing Lessons: An Advertising Masterclass in One Episode

Even if you’ve never watched the show Mad Men, you’ve probably heard the phrase “It’s toasted.” “It’s toasted” features as the climax of the very...   [ Read More ]


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