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What Does Team Spirit Look Like When You Only See Your Co-Workers Twice a Year?

Team spirit. In theory, it refers to a positive company culture. But many companies treat it more like recruiting lip service than a value to actively foster. It has become just another corporate...   [ Read More ]


My Name Is Percy Hanna — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

I mostly thought computers were for playing games. That is, until I realized I could use DOS’s batch programming language to automate tasks. For example, I wrote a program to make my modem...   [ Read More ]


Just Launched! — 6 Note Templates for Better Team Collaboration

Standing meetings. Sprint retrospectives. Customer interviews. If you already use Aha! to capture wiki-like notes, then you know how powerful it can be to collaborate with your colleagues in real...   [ Read More ]


Showcase Your 2019 Product Management Success With These 4 Reports

It creeps up on you and then it is over. The end of the year is in the distance, you achieve a major release, and then everyone looks ahead. What will 2020 bring? But wait. Pausing to consider the...   [ Read More ]


The One Sign Your Company Is Growing Too Fast

What is the most important characteristic of a company founder? Perhaps a visionary mind, bold spirit, or strong work ethic. There is no single answer. But I believe there is one essential trait...   [ Read More ]


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