AppFog is the leading platform-as-a-service provider of PHP, Ruby, Node.js, and Java solutions. Used by developers worldwide to deploy tens of thousands of applications, AppFog delivers a reliable, scalable and fast platform for deploying applicatio

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How Easy Does "as-a-Service" Make Your Development Life?

Many developers prefer to focus on their code without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. Our cloud platform can meet you at whatever level of control you want. Cloud-native...   [ Read More ]


A Day in the Life - Brian Felton: Cloud Architect

Our "Day in the Life" series gives you a glimpse into the everyday lives of Cloud team members and our culture here at CenturyLink Cloud. The series focuses on all different avenues and roles in...   [ Read More ]


AppFog and the 12-Factor App Methodology

Here at CenturyLink Cloud, the 12-Factor App methodology factors in nicely with our PaaS offering -- AppFog. This article details how to leverage this useful methodology within our platform with...   [ Read More ]


5 Ways Apache Spark Powers Your Big Data

Making Sense Out of a Mountain of Data Read More   [ Read More ]


Build a Kubernetes Sample App for Static Websites, with Rolling Updates and GitRepo Volumes

In this sample application we will create a reusable NGINX Docker container that can be used by many static websites. We will store our html files in GutHub and have Kubernetes attach the html...   [ Read More ]


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