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An app made via is featured on the AppStore

It’s the dream of pretty much everyone who has worked on an app to be featured by Apple. With more than 1,000,000 apps in the App Store, breaking through to the top can prove to be...   [ Read More ]

12NOV is now free to try!

One year has passed since we’ve introduced to the public, and what we can say is that it has been a fantastic and very exciting journey! While our clients and proud users of...   [ Read More ]


Make your app iOS7 ready!

As you’re probably aware, at we’re always dedicated to let you build top quality applications. iOS7 brings a lot of UI changes and we’re dedicated to make your apps fit...   [ Read More ]


Create your own navbar buttons with our new navButtons plugin

Buttons in the navigation bar of an iPhone application are very important. They provide the user with different actions he can take, and also act as navigation to browse the different screens...   [ Read More ]


Add Facebook-style navigation to your apps with the new Side View plugin

It’s finally here – the new Side View plugin for your apps A lot of you guys have been requesting this feature for your apps: being able to add a button that “slides out”...   [ Read More ]


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