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Celebrating customers like you in our new campaign

Two years ago, we hosted our first-ever community event in London, bringing together local Asana customers to meet and learn from one another. During the event, Chris Butler-Stroud, CEO of the...   [ Read More ]


Asana ❤ open source

Engineers at Asana have been contributing to open-source software since the company was founded. To learn more about this work, I spoke with five engineers who have built open-source projects, from...   [ Read More ]


Our 19 favorite productivity tips of 2019

Here at Asana, we’re always looking to improve the way people work. Over the past year, we’ve learned and shared many helpful tips for how you and your team can be more...   [ Read More ]


Going global: #teamasana in 2019

2019 was a standout year for Asana. We continued to grow our global teams with more than 670 employees worldwide across nine offices. We made huge strides internationally and opened four new...   [ Read More ]


Asana for Nonprofits is going global

At Asana, our mission is to enable the world’s teams to work together effortlessly. For nonprofit organizations with small teams and limited resources, this is all the more challenging. ...   [ Read More ]


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