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How I Use Automations to Update Bad Addresses

Working from the coffee shop this morning I gaze down a quaint southern street filled with a combination of pumpkins, mums, hay bales and, already, Christmas lights. This small town is often...   [ Read More ]


Find Out How to Create Your Holiday Mailing List using Batchbook

Fall is in the air, friends! If the newly crisp mornings and cool evenings weren’t enough to convince you, then surely the advertisements for all things pumpkin spice should do the trick. And...   [ Read More ]


6 Apps That Will Send Holiday Cards For You

The holidays are right around the corner. Many businesses use this time of year to show their thanks to loyal customers by sending out holiday cards or gifts. This is a wonderful idea! But maybe...   [ Read More ]


The Winning Combination: Assembling the Right Cloud Apps for Your Business

There are more than 4,000 business-related cloud-based apps on the market. Choosing the right ones can present a challenge for your business. Here are a few tips on building a winning combination...   [ Read More ]


New Feature: Supercharge Your To-Do Workflows

Your workflows in Batchbook just got a power-up. We’ve added more automation triggers and actions for to-dos. New triggers:A to-do is flaggedA to-do is createdNew actions:Add a tagRemove...   [ Read More ]


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