Beanstalk allows designers and developers to store source code, track changes, and collaborate with their team through Git, Subversion and Mercurial version control systems.

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The Need for Focus in Product Development & Client Services

As the clock winds down on 2016, there’s a growing emphasis for 2017 and the years to follow. And that emphasis is on the importance for knowledge workers to be able to focus in order to do...   [ Read More ]


Tower for Windows Released

Our good friends at Tower have an exciting announcement. Their excellent Git client for macOS is now available for Windows! It’s written natively with stability and performance in mind. This...   [ Read More ]


Help your team transition to Git

If you work in web development, you know how difficult it is to change from one tool to another. It can disrupt your workflow, and adjusting can be an uncomfortable and painful experience. On top...   [ Read More ]


The Extensibility of Beanstalk

Over the last few months on the Beanstalk blog we’ve been covering best practices from commit messages to deployment processes, and to branch management. We thought this would be a good time...   [ Read More ]


Commit Early, Commit Often

Any developer can commit code — but knowing when to commit is often up for debate. Most developers will admit that making a commit for every changed character, or keystroke is not best...   [ Read More ]


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