Bench is a new kind of bookkeeping service. Combining smart software with in-house bookkeepers to provide businesses with simple, online bookkeeping.

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Making the Transition from Sole Prop to LLC

Changing your business structure from Sole Proprietorship to Limited Liability Company (LLC) can seem daunting. But as your business expands and you need a greater level of legal separation between...   [ Read More ]


Why Your Business Needs a Strong Brand

Building a brand that people respect and remember is a tough job, but the reward for doing so is a following of loyal customers who are eager to see what you’ll create next. Bench’s...   [ Read More ]


How I Canceled QuickBooks: A Guide to Simple, Automated Accounting

I pulled the plug on another CPA. Frustrated by inefficiency, I found myself once again employed as the bookkeeper of my own company - but I hardly ever showed up for work. I had a backlog of...   [ Read More ]


Understanding Depreciation

Business purchases often come with high price tags attached, but many of them are investments that will be used in your company for years to come. Depreciation is a system that allows you to spread...   [ Read More ]


Can I Expense That: Employee Perks, Benefits, and Compensation

Many of the expenses and perks related to hiring employees are deductible. This is great news for your business come tax time. Read on to learn about the employee related costs you can legally...   [ Read More ]


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