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Betapunch has a new parent

UPDATE! Sorry to all of you who got spammed by us earlier today. This was never our intention. The emails went out in error and I recognise this isn’t the best way to go about winning your...   [ Read More ]


BetaPunch Launches 2 New Features for Startups

Our customers are very important to us and when they speak, we tend to listen. There have been 2 major problems with the client side of things on BetaPunchso we decided to improve them. Check out...   [ Read More ]


On The Road to Recovery

In the days since screwing up social media and being a dick on twitter, I have been hard at work on BetaPunch, talking to customers, and making sure our service is 100 times better than it was...   [ Read More ]


The New BetaPunch Explainer Video. Special thanks to @WickVideo

The New BetaPunch Explainer Video. Special thanks to @WickVideo   [ Read More ]


Why I won’t be closing down BetaPunch even though you won’t use it: A formal apology

Many of you already know the story: I publically released user tests for Danielle’s startup that should have never been released, and then spammed and antagonized her when she posted...   [ Read More ]


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