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On GitHub's image proxy

On January 28th GitHub announced they will start proxying all user images on their site, including badges in repository readmes. This change has significantly limited the amount of visitor data...   [ Read More ]


Bitdeli Badge for GitHub Analytics (re)launches!

In June we announced that Bitdeli has been acquired by AdRoll. We promised to continue providing the popular free analytics service for GitHub although the main Bitdeli service will shut down....   [ Read More ]


Bitdeli is joining AdRoll!

tl;dr See the Press Release and AdRoll’s blog post. For the past two years, we have been working to democratize data analytics with Bitdeli. Our first release in March 2012 introduced the...   [ Read More ]


When in Doubt, Track Everything

Since we launched our JavaScript tracking library we have been gathering feedback on how businesses track users on their websites. Many sites are just using the default settings provided by the...   [ Read More ]


Build Your Own Custom Web Analytics

One of the core ideas leading to the launch of the new Bitdeli was to make it easy to bring all your data together. With the new Bitdeli, you can create custom metrics based on full historical data...   [ Read More ]


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