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BugHerd + Zapier =

We've been chipping away at the things you told us that matter the most. As a small team, it does take time to get to everything, but something that keeps us going is the great feedback we get...   [ Read More ]


How do you migrate from Backbone/ERB to React?

BugHerd has survived for nine years as a successful SaaS product built using Backbone, jQuery and Rails. Over that time, it's been relatively easy to ignore new technology in favour of stability...   [ Read More ]


Product Updates to BugHerd – June 2019

A whole bunch of changes have been ticking over since we updated you last. Here's what's new at BugHerd for June 2019... The post Product Updates to BugHerd – June 2019 appeared first on...   [ Read More ]


Tools that make BugHerd better

There are some products, that are exceptional at helping us build our software and do our jobs more effectively. These are some of the products we absolutely love, recommend and want to encourage...   [ Read More ]


A new invite experience for your clients & team members

In exiting news we have release a new experience for sharing projects with your clients (guests) and new team members. The short version: Guests will now setup a password for better reliability We...   [ Read More ]


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