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The Five Types of Web Testing

Testing can be fundamental to providing a reliable experience to your users. Everyone can take part in the web testing process. It doesn't have to take deep technical knowledge to provide feedback...   [ Read More ]


Should startup teams do daily standups?

A common ritual in software and startup teams is a daily, or weekly standup, huddle or scrum or whatever you wish to call it. It generally means the team (part or whole) has a designated time to...   [ Read More ]


Basics of Online Growth Marketing

Whether you’re a small business owner, startup founder or freelancer you’ll how hard it is to get your brand out there. These are our top things to think about when getting started...   [ Read More ]


✨ Happy Holidays ✨

Thanks for being part of a super successful 2019 and we hope you have a wonderful festive season, wherever and however you celebrate. See you in 2020! 💙 The post ✨ Happy Holidays...   [ Read More ]


Why customer support shouldn’t be limited to one person

Customer support shouldn't be limited to just one person. Solving problems for your customers shouldn't be limited to one team member, in fact it's a surefire way to reduce empathy for customer...   [ Read More ]


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