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New feature preview: Advanced events

We all love event tracking because it helps us understand how users interact with our apps. But there is a main difference between mobile apps and web apps. An event might have different...   [ Read More ]


BugSense's actions to address the HeartBleed issue

As you’re likely aware, a significant vulnerability in OpenSSL, which the security community is calling the “Heartbleed” vulnerability, was discovered and publicized the previous...   [ Read More ]


Bugsense.js v2.0.1

A few months ago we released version 2.0.0 of bugsense.js, a long awaited rebuild of the plugin and we also introduced some interesting features. Today we’re happy to announce that our...   [ Read More ]


New Insight Boxes & Real Time goodness!

We’ve been working on some brand new Insight boxes and improvements that will be become your de-facto KPIs for your mobile apps: Retention/Crash Rate and Popular OS Versions & App...   [ Read More ]


Erlang Binary Garbage Collection: A love/hate relationship

It’s a well known fact that Erlang VM’s generational GC does not do well when trying to garbage collect non-heap binaries. Here at Splunk, while we’ve been building brand new...   [ Read More ]


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