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Subscriptions and international audience engagement: John Saroff on OMR Podcast

Chartbeat CEO John Saroff recently sat down with Pia Frey, host of the OMR Media Podcast based in Germany.The wide-ranging interview spans marketing and technology insights, including...   [ Read More ]


Subscriber Analytics: Enhanced and Empowering Publishers in Real Time

Digital publishers are increasingly shifting toward subscription models to generate reader revenue. In fact, digital subscriptions were listed as the most important revenue stream for global...   [ Read More ]


A Chinese news app is quietly referring millions of pageviews — here’s how global publishers can take advantage

Traffic to your most engaging content can come from unexpected places. Case in point—Chartbeat’s data science team recently found that TopBuzz, a China-based news aggregation app, was...   [ Read More ]


It’s all coming together: Introducing Multi-Site View

“I couldn’t live without it. If you need insight into multiple sites at once, you couldn’t live without it either.” — Daniel Bach Nielsen, Digital Editorial Director,...   [ Read More ]


New Feature: Faster User Management and Secure Permissioning

If there’s anything we’ve learned over the last decade, it’s that no two publishers are the same. Different sizes, different geographic reach, different internal structures and...   [ Read More ]


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