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Using data to achieve interdepartmental goals more effectively: A Q&A with Eduardo Aguilar, Audience Manager for El Universal

For Eduardo Aguilar, Audience Manager for El Universal, engagement isn’t reserved for readers alone. Engagement is also evident across its organization in the ways cross-functional teams...   [ Read More ]


“Lograr objetivos interdepartamentales de manera más efectiva”: El Universal

Nos sentamos con Eduardo Aguilar, Gerente de Métricas de El Universal, a conversar sobre el estado de los medios en Latinoamérica. Nos contó acerca de la transición a...   [ Read More ]


Comparing search and social media data around the U.K. election: Our analysis

Significant events tend to serve as barometers of changing reader behaviors, and as a result, can point to future optimizations for content creators. Therefore, we used the recent U.K. election......   [ Read More ]


Paywall model breakdown: The current landscape and new frontier

As publishers continue investing in reader-driven revenue streams, the question of which paywall model — or models — to pursue or experiment with has been a hot topic among many... The...   [ Read More ]


How distribution channels drive reader loyalty: Our findings across devices 

We’ve spent hundreds of hours researching the drivers of subscriptions for publishers to better understand its connections to reader loyalty. Equally important is how you reach readers.Below,...   [ Read More ]


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