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What is dark social? Shedding light on your emerging referral sources

We field a fair amount of questions about dark social, otherwise known as the visitors that land on your site with no referral information. Referral attribution is an important piece... The post...   [ Read More ]


What does post-pandemic social media look like? An analysis of audience trends

Social media has been a significant source of traffic as the global pandemic has taken shape in recent months. Therefore, we partnered with Echobox to take a deeper look into... The post What does...   [ Read More ]


Inside Product Design: The role of sketching in the user experience

(Editor’s note: A version of this article written by Jess Phoa, a member of our product design team and sketch artist, first appeared in Interactions. Below, she shares a first-hand... The...   [ Read More ]


Decoding Facebook data to understand the true drivers of engagement, loyalty

Engaging the right audiences on Facebook does not have to feel like grasping at straws — you already possess the resources for a strategy that drives greater engagement loyalty. This... The...   [ Read More ]


Why customer feedback is essential — and the 7 surefire ways to generate it

(Editor’s note: Chartbeat partnered with technology marketplace G2 to provide insights on customer feedback, an increasingly important resource for product teams)Customer feedback helps you...   [ Read More ]


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