Countly is an innovative, real-time, open source mobile analytics platform. It collects data from mobile devices and visualizes this information to analyse mobile application usage and end-user behaviour.

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Are you ready for Apple’s new kids section update?

With the latest update on the App Store Review Guideline, developers are no longer allowed to use third-party ads or analytics tools in apps in the “Kids” category.Companies or...   [ Read More ]


Hey startups! It’s time to treat your customers like VIP

One of the most important advantages a growing startup has over established competitors is the ability to dedicate more quality time to customers and prospects. However, we are often obsessed with...   [ Read More ]


Mobile product manager’s launch checklist

As a product manager, you are responsible for identifying the target audience for your application and defining the optimal set of features and functionality your app will deliver to those users....   [ Read More ]


10 not-so-obvious-ways to drill down your product analytics data

Do you really know all the power and functionality Countly Drill provides?Drill is one of the most important features of Countly. Do you really know every single power functionality Drill...   [ Read More ]


Install Countly on Digital Ocean Marketplace

Installing Countly on your own server has always been a breeze. Now, it is much easier with Digital Ocean’s Marketplace, thanks to partnership between Digital Ocean and Countly.Today we...   [ Read More ]


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