is a SaaS product that provides infrastructure to send triggered emails users to improve an app's engagement level with users.

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Lifecycle Emails Gone Awry

Every run scored in baseball is worth one point, but not all runs are the same. An earned run occurs when the hitting team scores despite the fielding team’s best effort. An unearned run, on...   [ Read More ]


How to Fix That Embarrassing Email Personalization Mistake

Getting someone’s name wrong makes for a bad impression. That applies to email too, of course. You’ve seen emails that start like this: Or this: Imagine this scenario in real...   [ Read More ]


The Iceberg Theory of User Feedback

There’s valuable feedback about your product and your business hidden beneath the surface. Above the water sits the easily visible feedback: metrics you’re collecting in analytics...   [ Read More ]


3 Cognitive Biases Stunting Your Growth

Humans are not particularly rational decision-making beings. Left to our own devices, we’re susceptible to a wide variety of mistaken beliefs, flawed heuristics, and simple logical fallacies....   [ Read More ]


Finding the Right Free Trial Length for Your User Experience

The free trial is your product’s audition, the point of transition for people to move from an acquisition channel—content, paid advertising, word-of-mouth, etc.—to actual usage....   [ Read More ]


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