is a SaaS product that provides infrastructure to send triggered emails users to improve an app's engagement level with users.

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How to Optimize the Post-Click Experience for Your Email Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to creating a successful email marketing campaign, many marketers often overlook one of the most essential components: the post-click experience. Neglecting this element plays a...   [ Read More ]


Before You Choose a Transactional Email Service, Read This

Email marketing is a rich source for delivering customer value. That’s why, you deserve a transactional email service that offers your team the flexibility to trigger important messages...   [ Read More ]


Timing Matters: When to Send Transactional Emails

Figuring out the right time to send transactional emails seems like a no-brainer: after the user’s transactional action. But the further you get away from the transaction itself, the more...   [ Read More ]


Order Confirmation Emails: How to Delight Your Customers Every Time

Your hard work paid off. A customer made a purchase! *happy dance* Before you go get a celebratory treat, it’s worth your time to think about the next step in the lifecycle journey. Your...   [ Read More ]


What Not to Do: When Transactional Email Marketing Turns Too Promotional

This is a guest post from the team at Fieldboom. Read more on the Fieldboom blog. Marketers continue to look for ways to promote their brands. You want to show off your latest products, exhibit...   [ Read More ]


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