is a SaaS product that provides infrastructure to send triggered emails users to improve an app's engagement level with users.

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Run Your Lifecycle Email Like a Dungeons & Dragons Campaign

Email bombardment is a fact of life. That’s why you can’t send random blast emails and expect a response. Your emails get lost and buried in your customers' inboxes. That’s where...   [ Read More ]


How to Pull Off Data-Informed Marketing that Matters

Maybe you’ve tested subject lines or obsessed over optimizing a landing page call-to-action. You greet your customer by first name in emails and track campaigns with UTM parameters. You...   [ Read More ]


The Elements of a Great Activation Email Campaign

In SaaS, you look for improvement opportunities where your effort-to-value ratio is high (where effort is lower and value is higher). Here’s a simple example set in a vacuum to help make...   [ Read More ]


What We Learned From Analyzing 50 Post-Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are crucial. The moment after you first sign up for a service is when first impressions are made. But what happens after your initial welcome email? We’re all used to...   [ Read More ]


The Magic of Automating Account Management for Customers

Here is one of the classic SaaS growth problems: customer care and communication isn’t evenly distributed. A high volume of self-serve customers is what allows business to scale — this...   [ Read More ]


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