Datadog is a service for IT, Operations and Development teams who write and run applications at scale, and want to turn the massive amounts of data produced by their apps, tools and services into actionable insight.

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Interview with Brett Langdon

Dan: Hello, I’m Dan with the Datadog Community team. I’m here with Brett, a long-time open source contributor within the Datadog ecosystem.Brett: Hi! I’m Brett Langdon. I’m...   [ Read More ]


Interview with Zach Daniel

Dan: Hi! I’m Dan with the Datadog Community team. I’m here with Zach, who’s made some great contributions to the Datadog ecosystem. Please introduce yourself!Zach: Sure, my name...   [ Read More ]


Deploying and configuring Datadog with CloudFormation

In this post, we will show you how you can use AWS CloudFormation to automatically deploy infrastructure that is preconfigured to send metrics and logs to Datadog. To demonstrate how this works, we...   [ Read More ]


Collecting metrics with Tomcat monitoring tools

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed some key Tomcat and JVM metrics that are exposed through Java Management Extensions (JMX). Now that you are familiar with metrics necessary for monitoring...   [ Read More ]


Key metrics for monitoring Tomcat

What is Tomcat?Apache Tomcat is a server for Java-based web applications, developed by the Apache Software Foundation. The Tomcat project’s source was originally created by Sun Microsystems...   [ Read More ]


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