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Update: We’re moving our blog to a new home!

Heads up! We’re moving this humble blog that has served us well over the 5+ years to a new home. We have way too many blogs running around and will be merging them all so that they will...   [ Read More ]


Talking with Teens: A Disqus Field Trip

As the web’s community of communities, we pride ourselves on values that allow us to shift perspectives and share in diverse discussions. These values are an integral part of how we operate...   [ Read More ]


Disqus GLIDEs into Community Service

2015, where did you go? Is it me, or does each year seem to go by faster and faster? It certainly went by in the blink of an eye for me. One interesting thing to note, is that Disqus’s...   [ Read More ]


Game Night V: The Fall Classic

Last night at Disqus HQ, we hosted our fifth Game Night event. For those unfamiliar, Game Night is our quarterly board game event where we welcome folks for a night of board games, food, and drink....   [ Read More ]


Improve your Disqus integration with our updated embed code

Hello site founders, admins, and moderators!At Disqus, we do our best to make sure Engage and Reveal “just works” when you install it on your website and that the installation...   [ Read More ]


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