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Gig Economy News: Money Maker

Doers pursue entrepreneurship because we love the freedom it brings us – to build our own schedule, to pursue our goals on our own terms, and be our own boss. Of course, we’re also in...   [ Read More ]


An Illustrated Day in the Life of Designer Moran Shaham

We often associate doodling with daydreaming—but what if you were *paid* to draw? The immensely talented illustrator Moran Shaham, aka lamonastudio on Fiverr, does just that. We asked...   [ Read More ]


Creating Trust Within Fiverr’s Community [Interview]

I’ve been working at Fiverr for two years now, and I’m still always amazed by the enormous amount of passion and hard work that every employee, no matter their role or position, puts...   [ Read More ]


Tech Savvy: How to Boost Your Income Through Technical Writing

The freedom of freelancing is great, but, the truth is, it also requires a lot of hustle. And with the current evolution of the publishing industry, many writers are struggling to find consistent,...   [ Read More ]


Spread the Love and Share the Wealth: Fiverr’s New and Improved Referral Program

At Fiverr, we get you. Things get crazy, and even when you find something that makes life simpler, you forget to share the tip with even your best doer pals. But fear not! Our referral program...   [ Read More ]


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