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I Would Buy For You: How to Inspire Customer Loyalty

Being a successful Fiverr doer is about delivering more than one great gig – it’s about delivering a great experience that keeps people coming back for more. Developing your own skills...   [ Read More ]


Gig Economy News: Be Yourself

Your business is your baby, but who you are as an individual influences every aspect of how you care for it and help it grow. It’s important to remember, regardless of how you run your...   [ Read More ]


Meet the Pros Episode 1.4: Paolo Vendramini

26-year-old art director, graphic designer, and Fiverr Pro Paolo Vendramini lives in London but creates beautiful work for clients all around the world. He’s a longtime Fiverr seller,...   [ Read More ]


From Garage to Global: How Proof Eyewear Is Changing The Game

Proof Eyewear is pioneering sustainable eyewear by producing sun and optical frames using unique materials like wood, cotton-based acetate, and recycled aluminum. Although the company was...   [ Read More ]


One Career Ends, a New One Begins: Pete Accetturo Case Study

It was the middle of the major economic downturn. I had just been hired as a technical sales consultant. It turned out that one of my first days at work was actually my last. There weren’t...   [ Read More ]


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