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4 Reasons Why Defining your Target Audience Makes Your Brand Grow

Taking steps to grow your business is critical for entrepreneurs or freelancers. Getting there is impossible without understanding what a target audience is and what yours looks like. When you...   [ Read More ]


Gig Economy News: Good Business

Good business is not just about having good product, it’s about the art of connecting. Whether you are in a real-life networking situation or on a social media network, connecting to...   [ Read More ]


Top Five Tips to Make Your Packaging Design Stand Out

Picture this: you’ve done your market research, found an audience, developed a great product, and built a solid marketing plan to get the word out. There’s just one problem – your...   [ Read More ]


Which Nation of Doers Has World Cup Fever?

It only comes once every four years, but when it does, it sweeps the globe. We’re talking about the World Cup, and the fever it induces can’t be denied. Even doers like us, who pride...   [ Read More ]


Unraveling Your Unique Selling Proposition

You’re a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed graphic designer set on succeeding as a solopreneur. Then you do a search for “graphic designer” and see about 13,300,000 results. Getting a...   [ Read More ]


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