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Using the Rule of 3 for Visual Merchandising Success

Visual merchandising is the planning and arrangement of floor plans and 3D displays of products and services in such a way to increase a retail store’s sales. It’s a common practice in...   [ Read More ]


Gig Economy News: Clear Communication

Communication: it’s an art and a challenge, and for a small business it is a critical component for success. The way you communicate your brand, the way you communicate with your customers,...   [ Read More ]


Time for a Refresh: 4 Ways to Repurpose Content

If you’ve ever written (or commissioned) an excellent piece of content, you know firsthand how tragically short the timespan can be in which that content is considered ‘relevant.’...   [ Read More ]


How to Tactfully Respond to Negative Reviews—And Improve Your SEO While You’re Doing It

You’ve worked hard to boost your website’s visibility in search rankings, investing in high-quality content and avoiding Google’s penalties. But despite all that hard work, a few...   [ Read More ]


How Chatbots Use Instant Engagement to Boost Sales

IBM’s Watson computer system defeated legendary game-show champions on Jeopardy by combining a deep database of knowledge with the ability to quickly process natural language questions, and...   [ Read More ]


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