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Tax Write-Offs for Freelancers

Want to send a freelancer running for the hills? Easy—just tell them it’s tax time. In many ways, living the self-employed lifestyle is enviable: you get to choose when you work and...   [ Read More ]


5 Accounting Mistakes that Put Your Business at Risk

Accounting mistakes can impede the growth of your small business and put it on shaky ground. Unfortunately, mistakes are all too common, especially for new or quickly growing businesses. In this...   [ Read More ]


New & Improved in FreshBooks: Retainers, Integrations, Invoice Lists and More

Summer is finally here! And with all these new features added to FreshBooks, you’ll be wishing it was summertime all year long. Use Retainers to Manage Workload and Forecast Income Late last...   [ Read More ]


Do I Really Need an Accounting Package?

An accounting package is a tool or software that helps you manage a necessary evil: Accounting. From recording expenses and income to drafting more detailed financial reports, these packages...   [ Read More ]


Join the Webinar: Does Your Accounting Solution Push You to the Next Level?

Reserve Your Webinar Seat Here It’s hard to find software solutions that are built for your growing business—they’re either too simple or overwhelmingly complex. Sign up for the...   [ Read More ]


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