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Traveling for Business? Let’s Get Clear On Your Tax Perks

Now that spring has arrived, chances are you’ll be planning travel—some of which may be business-related. So before you hit the road, we’ll give you the lowdown on tax perks. One...   [ Read More ]


Your Handy Spring Cleaning Checklist (for All Your Business’ Legal Odds and Ends)

To ensure your business doesn’t fall into any legal conundrums this year, we put together a handy spring cleaning checklist. Spring is well underway, and it isn’t only your home that...   [ Read More ]


How Time Tracking Can Unlock Immense Value for Your Business

If you asked a novice small business owner what their most valuable asset is, they would likely say money. And a more seasoned business owner would probably disagree. Whether you’re designing...   [ Read More ]


Project Management: What Is It and How Can You Do It Better?

If you aspire to grow your business, nab better-quality clients, cut down on expenses, work less and make more money, tweaking your project management system can make a huge difference. What is...   [ Read More ]


Case Study: How I Educate Future Legal Services Professionals Using a Simple Accounting Solution

I dreamed of being an attorney ever since I was a little girl.  My journey, however, into the legal industry wasn’t without exciting detours. After receiving my undergraduate degree, I...   [ Read More ]


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