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How to use dashboards to create data-driven legal teams

A guest post from Richard Mabey, CEO and co-founder of Juro, the contract collaboration platform. Is anyone not sold on the benefits of becoming more data-driven? Data brings a wealth of benefits,...   [ Read More ]


Setting business goals: the ultimate guide

Goals are crucial for team performance and satisfaction at work. They’re also the building blocks for your business’ vision, and help your team translate that vision into reality. But...   [ Read More ]


How TV dashboards can help your team achieve goals

You and your team want to make the company vision a reality. To do this, you of course need a well-defined strategy. But you also need to make that strategy crystal clear for the whole company....   [ Read More ]


How to stop micromanaging and give your team autonomy

To stop micromanaging, and give your team more autonomy, you could just follow the advice of William McKnight, the founder and one-time president of 3M: “Hire good people and leave them...   [ Read More ]


Intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation: which is best for your team?

Motivation is obviously essential for your team’s performance and happiness. And if your company needs any kind of creativity to survive then a certain type of motivation is more effective...   [ Read More ]


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