Gnowit uses artificial intelligence to monitor the media to provide quality, real time analytics. No more waiting for media mentions to be discovered hours after publishing. No more waiting for analysts to sift through the notifications, summarize them an

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Gnowit: The Pivot Backstory

Entrepreneurs never fail. They dust themselves off, pivot, and charge back into the fray. A pivot is a shift in the products or target customer designed to help gain traction in the marketplace....   [ Read More ]


Why you need Gnowtify? A Twitter reader for our times.

Gnowit is proud to announce the launch of Gnowtify – an app that shows you the great content and links shared by your Twitter network while eliminating the tweets, hashtags and @ symbols that...   [ Read More ]


Gnowit Makes Finding Content for Buffer Simple

If you are responsible for social media messaging for either yourself, your brand, or company, you may have found that it’s difficult to consistently find good content to share with your...   [ Read More ]


5 Tips for Building an Effective Buyer Persona

Every company needs a marketing strategy, but where should you start? To build an effective marketing plan, it is important to understand your target market. A great exercise for doing so...   [ Read More ]


Discovering a better way to bookmark with Chrome!

The interesting thing about innovation is that it often seems to be serendipitous. In hindsight, one can often see the exact confluence of specific events and circumstances that seemed to draw out...   [ Read More ]


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