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Website metrics that matter: how to pick a North Star metric

Before we dive into finding website metrics that matter to you, you’ll need a way to gather them. There are many tools out there, and we make an analytics tool that’s easy to use,...   [ Read More ]


11 critical conversion issues and how to fix them

When you own a business, you want your visitors to covert, amiright? Of course you do. And yet, try as you might you’re still experiencing conversion issues. Your products aren’t...   [ Read More ]


Cultural marketing can update your content strategy

So many companies dismiss cultural marketing without giving it a chance. “It’s too expensive. We need a bigger team. It’s too risky.” We’re here to show you that you...   [ Read More ]


The 16 benefits of live chat

If you’ve made it to this post you’ll likely already know that one of the biggest benefits of live chat is that it allows you to talk directly to your customers in real-time. Pretty...   [ Read More ]


Qualifying leads with data builds trust faster

A study from the Harvard Business Review found that the number one reason salespeople don’t close deals is because they aren’t trusted by a prospect. The report shows how salespeople...   [ Read More ]


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