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How to craft email onboarding that converts sceptical free trial users

How many of your free trial users convert to paid customers? The number could be 20% or 25% or 11%, or maybe lower. Wherever your number is at currently, there’s a good chance that email...   [ Read More ]


The best Live Chat Software features for small teams

The best live chat software helps you communicate with your customers, save time and work together as a team. Especially with smaller teams in cross-functional roles, it’s important that team...   [ Read More ]


The ultimate guide to designing a high-converting landing page

If you have a website then you already have a landing page – it’s your homepage. When visitors land on your website, they will often only spend seconds there before deciding to leave....   [ Read More ]


You already have your ideal customer

Why listening to your customers is critical if you want to improve your product, and how to weigh up feature requests with data and your own vision to build a truly great product. The post You...   [ Read More ]


12 conversational selling techniques that work for small, busy teams

47% of consumers are more likely to make an online purchase if there’s a chance to speak to someone live on the website. These conversational selling techniques will help you reap the...   [ Read More ]


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