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How to claim R&D (Research and Development) tax credits

Like almost all growing companies we aim to save what we can where we can, without cutting corners and whilst still moving towards making a better product and growing our business. One way that you...   [ Read More ]


Top tips for AWS re:Invent from a first timer

Last week we flew to glittery Las Vegas for AWS re:Invent – here, back in the London office, I’m sharing my experience as a first-time attendee. Register for the talks early! 2,000 plus...   [ Read More ]


Managing live chat: the unknown benefits of adopting an all-hands approach

Have you ever had a question about something you wanted to buy? You’re looking around the website searching for a phone number, looking for an answer. You’re directed to FAQs,...   [ Read More ]


Customer behaviour: how a better understanding will help you close 5x more leads

Here at GoSquared, we emphasise the importance of understanding our customers, and our potential customers, as people – and getting to grips with behavioural signals is a key element of that....   [ Read More ]


Slack Frontiers: our top 3 takeaways

It’s not often that we get the chance to take a step back from the day to day and spend some time learning new things – but last week I had the opportunity to do just that at...   [ Read More ]


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