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Directional Cues: Design Tips That Get Visitors to Take Action

You just finished designing your next landing page. You crafted a killer headline and subheadline, written ultra persuasive copy, perfected your form, created the best CTA ever, and your page...   [ Read More ]


8 Examples That Show How to Design the Best Travel Landing Page

The travel industry is one of the largest and fastest-growing economic sectors in the world, which supports over 284 million jobs — more than the automotive manufacturing, mining, and...   [ Read More ]


Squarespace Landing Page Examples: What They Do to Attract and Engage Visitors

Squarespace, the all-inclusive website building platform, is the number one solution for anyone looking to create an impactful and stylish online presence and hoping to share their unique stories...   [ Read More ]


How to Use Your Marketing Funnel to Find Your Perfect Match

Videos of proposals gone wrong make me cringe more than any other kind. Whether they happen at half-court in front of 10,000 people, or at a food court (really?) in front of Sbarro’s, as a...   [ Read More ]


What to Include on the Perfect Landing Page

Building a landing page for perfectionists is annoying, isn’t it? “Pick a new featured image,” they say. “That testimonial doesn’t have a last name,” they...   [ Read More ]


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