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6 Back-to-Basics Tips For More Productive Meetings

We’ve all experienced it — The meeting that should have been an email. The meeting where you spend half the allotted time just trying to get the presentation to display on the...   [ Read More ]


Think like a millennial to drive collaboration

It’s estimated that by 2020, there will be 86 million millennials in the working world, making up 40% of the workplace. From active social media lives to being constantly connected...   [ Read More ]


Avoid These 3 Time Pitfalls at Your Next Meeting

Time is a precious commodity for you and your team. No one wants to sit in a meeting that is dragging on for too long, or shouldn’t have been called at all. Here at, we make having a...   [ Read More ]


iOS 11 is Here and is Ready!

Well it’s practically fall. That means leaves are changing. It’s the season for sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes, and oh yeah, it’s time for Apple’s annual event which...   [ Read More ]


Host a last-minute collaborative study session with!

Ever had the nightmare where it’s the day of an exam for a class you never even knew you had? You haven’t attended the lectures or done the readings, and you’re left totally...   [ Read More ]


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