Freckle helps you track your time & invoice clients and is perfect for freelancers, consultants and small teams.

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Freckle is getting a new name: Noko

Freckle just turned 10 years old. (Can you believe it?!) What a milestone. And what a time to look back, reflect, and also to look forward. And we’ve been doing a lot of looking forward. We...   [ Read More ]


“My overdue tasks are mounting up and overwhelming me. I don’t know where to start!”

Having a well-oiled, active todo app is a great thing. You’ve got your big projects outlined, your daily tasks scheduled, and you can add that request for “one more thing…”...   [ Read More ]


5 Reasons Why Time Tracking is Hard

The old saying goes, “Time Tracking ain’t easy”. All you want is accurate and on-time data so you can plan your resources, bill your customers and find those pesky projects that...   [ Read More ]


Scheduled reports: automatically email reports to your team and clients!

At the end of the day, tracked time is only useful if you can easily run reports on it, especially over time. If it’s a hassle to get the data your business needs, you’re less likely to...   [ Read More ]


Teams: Successful businesses are a team effort

At the end of the day, tracked time serves the purpose of making your business run more efficiently. You need to identify where time is spent by your team. Where time is used effectively. And where...   [ Read More ]


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