Mailgun provides a web service for integrating email inboxes into apps.

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GDPR is coming. What are we doing about it?

Controllers or processors of personal data from contacts in the EU, are adopting double opt-in and pseudonymization to obtain consent and protect privacy.   [ Read More ]


Diving Head-First into the Inbox: What’s Impacting My Deliverability?

Learn how first time senders can overcome the hurdles of new lists, complaint rates, and retroactive junking to reach contacts across mailbox providers.   [ Read More ]


Avoiding the Blind Spots of Missing Data with Machine Learning

Bypassing and training your model to infer missing values through decision trees and machine learning algorithms to solve every day tasks.   [ Read More ]


Devgun: Creating Development Environments with Kubernetes

We first approached the problem of creating local development environments by reaching for common tools, but for our project needs, we found Kubernetes to be a better fit.   [ Read More ]


Domain or IP Reputation: Which One Does Gmail Care More About?

Each mailbox provider weighs factors like reputation and blacklists to make a final delivery decision. So what about Gmail? How does reputation factor into delivery?   [ Read More ]


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