Mailgun provides a web service for integrating email inboxes into apps.

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Domain or IP Reputation: Which One Does Gmail Care More About?

Each mailbox provider weighs factors like reputation and blacklists to make a final delivery decision. So what about Gmail? How does reputation factor into delivery?   [ Read More ]


Mailgun Security Incident and Important Customer Information

On January 3, 2018, Mailgun became aware of an incident in which a customer’s API key was compromised and immediately began diagnostics to help determine the cause and the scope of impact....   [ Read More ]


FML, My Mass Email Had A Typo. What Do I Do?

So, you made a mistake. You spent a long time making sure your email was perfect. You sent it out to your list, feeling all anxious and victorious at the same time. Maybe a second later, maybe an...   [ Read More ]


How to Build An Email List the Right Way

Unless your contacts gave you permission to email them, you won’t see great results. Here are some of the best practices for list collection (and some bad ones to avoid).   [ Read More ]


Lock It Down! Welcome, 2 Factor Authentication

2FA is an additional layer of account security that relies on a rotating, one-time use, 6-digit code or token. This code is required every time you log in.   [ Read More ]


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