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Quick little update to the color picker.

I found the color picker a little bit annoying when getting non-suggested colors, so I've made a few changes to it: Users don't need to click 'set' to set the color any more, it's automatic (but...   [ Read More ]


The Inkbrush text editor updates: live preview and streamlined style editing.

We've made some massive improvements to the text options this week. There's quite a few updates: Firstly, text can be typed directly into a cell. That cell will be a live preview...   [ Read More ]


Hold shift to edit many cells - old feature switched back on.

From launch in 2011 Inkbrush (formally Mailrox) had a great little feature where you could hold shift to edit many cells.It's now back in the app. So if you're on the edit content tool, hold shift...   [ Read More ]


Mailrox is now Inkbrush

Mailrox has re-branded to to become more aligned with the Movable Ink brand, you can read all about it over on the Movable Ink blog:   [ Read More ]


Edge detection with snapping - another new feature for for precision slicing.

There's a new feature in Mailrox where, if you're holding shift when slicing, you'll get some suggested slices and the slice-line will snap-to the suggested position. The suggested slices are...   [ Read More ]


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