With Meetings.io you can meet face to face with anyone from around the world within your web browser. Meet with a client, a customer, your project team or your co-workers in person without ever leaving your desk by simply creating a tiny meeting room

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Fixing Issues with Mac Retina Displays

Some users are reporting issues while using a Mac Retina display. They are unable to click buttons on the Adobe dialog boxes - e.g. clicking ‘Allow’ to Peer-to-Peer connections. This...   [ Read More ]


Fixing Issues with Chrome

Google has just released a new version of Chrome. While this solves some of the earlier issues, it introduces a new one. The audio / video issues are now fixed; if you continue to have issues using...   [ Read More ]


We've made the 'Top 100 Websites' list!

We are excited to share that PCMag listed us in their ‘Top 100 Websites of 2012’ list. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2413081,00.asp   [ Read More ]


Issues with Chrome 23

In early November, Google released Chrome 23. We’ve discovered several bugs with this version that cause audio and video issues with any video chat service using Flash. While we’ve been...   [ Read More ]


WebRTC Meetup Tonight

Tonight is the second Bay Area WebRTC meetup! We’ll be hosting it at Jive Software’s SF office in SOMA and are providing free beer and pizza. TokBox will be making a short presentation...   [ Read More ]


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