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The Numbers Behind Starting A Business In Thailand

I’ve spent the past year and a half of my life in Thailand, and the past 2 and a half years in different parts of SE Asia. Coming from the UK, I’ve spent at least a small amount of time...   [ Read More ]


Business Fires

Business, at any level, can be likened to running around constantly putting out fires, trying to keep a metaphorical ball rolling. This analogy can be tied to the act of financial awareness and...   [ Read More ]


Peer To Peer Lending

The last in our series of banking system alternative posts is on peer to peer money lending, a popular solution to borrowers unable to use traditional lending methods and lenders looking for...   [ Read More ]


The Alternative Currency

We’ve been following a ‘traditional banking alternatives’ trend here on the MergePay blog, you can see our previous posts on Simple banking, our new favorite bank, and the cheaper...   [ Read More ]


Cheaper Foreign Currency Transfers

Following on from the previous post on alternatives to traditional banking systems highlighting and their high tech, service-based approach to banking; today’s post covers a...   [ Read More ]


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