Using the Mover API any developer can quickly and easily add cloud storage integration to their application or service without having to get their hands dirty.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!The post Hello world! appeared first on Mover.   [ Read More ]


We’re merging Backup Box into Mover!

I am proud to announce that we are merging our Backup Box app into Mover. We made the decision to streamline our branding going forward and that means pulling our other apps into the main...   [ Read More ]


Google Drive API Timestamp Woes

I recently encountered an issue trying to set the `modifiedDate` timestamp on a file using the Google Drive API.  According to the Google Drive API docs to accomplish this the...   [ Read More ]


Always Explicitly Set Your PHP Locale

We’ve been putting some effort into our international support lately, and part of that was making sure that all the parts of our infrastructure handle unicode characters gracefully. I ran...   [ Read More ]


Why Gist Powers Our Examples

At Mover our goal is to provide an awesome experience for programmers of all walks of life. One of our core features is, therefore, the documentation we provide for our API.Great documentation...   [ Read More ]


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