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Pipedrive’s $50M Series C Funding (and a Very Important Thank You Note)

The team at Pipedrive have been busy practicing what we preach. We’ve been busy closing deals 😉 Pipedrive just raised another fifty million dollars. It’s a big deal for us. And it‘s a big deal for anyone looking to drive...

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Momentum 2018: The Dome

Every company operates on written agreements—such as sales contracts, employment offers, purchase orders, and more. No matter your industry or area of expertise, one way or another, these agreements are prepared, signed, enacted, and...

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Building Intelligent Transportation Hardware Systems with Python, LoRa, MQTT and Twilio Sync

What if your house was on fire and you waited for the fire truck to arrive, only to be informed that it was stuck in traffic? Traffic congestion in major cities is a bane for commuters, but as a daily affair we have all gotten used to it. When...

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Experience Optimization Evolves To Keep Up with Advanced Enterprises

According to new research from Forrester1, leading enterprises have consolidated online testing and personalization techniques such as behavioral targeting and recommendations into centers of excellence to achieve one common goal: to optimize...

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How To Use Video In Your Email Marketing Campaigns

The world of email marketing is changing every day, and as more and more brands recognize the value of email marketing – the more difficult it is to stand out in your customers’ inboxes. One way brands can differentiate themselves in...

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Style Comparison for HTML is Improved in GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 18.6

This month’s release of GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 18.6 covers few improvements and a new feature. Improvements such as aligner for Comparison.Diagrams and support of CompariosnSettings to Html are introduced. Please follow the release...

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New for custom fields: emojis, links, and more

Custom field fans: you’re in for a treat. You can now add emojis, links, and more to your custom fields in Asana. See what’s new. The post New for custom fields: emojis, links, and more appeared first on The Asana Blog.

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Instant notifications for your Bitbucket Pipelines builds

Earlier this year in April, we announced Bitbucket Cloud’s new and improved chatbot and the range of notifications that can be sent to your Slack channel. Amongst the improvements are notifications for Bitbucket Pipelines. You...

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Establishing Resilience: The Challenges and Opportunities of Complexity

Modern software is an ever-shifting landscape. Here’s how New Relic’s reliability practices create robust and adaptive resilience.

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The Key to Creating a Tailored Omnichannel Experience

Let’s face it… customer expectations are evolving. While basic consumer data was once all it took for a retail business to establish themselves as leaders in data-based marketing, customers now expect a retailer’s omnichannel...

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Running a Power Plant with Grafana

GrafanaCon Recap: Running a Power Plant with Grafana A water and energy innovation company founded in 2005, Natel Energy builds hydropower turbines and designs resilient and distributed hydropower systems. In his talk at GrafanaCon EU, Natel...

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Humans of Xero: Gajia Lu

Welcome to Humans of Xero! It’s an occasional series about some of the awesome humans that work at Xero. We’ll talk a bit about their work, their passions, some fascinating facts, and what makes them tick. The post Humans of Xero:...

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How to curb failed payment issues with reliable email delivery

This is a guest post by Kristen DeCosta. Kristen is the Growth Lead at Churn Buster. She is dedicated to educating companies and founders on the importance of customer retention and the dangers of ignoring churn. When she's not busting churn and...

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Visa Compliance Updates: New Authorization Expiration Time Frames

Read about Visa's new requirements for transaction authorization timelines and what merchant need to do to comply.

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What DevOps Teams Can Learn From Firefighters & Jack White

At the latest PagerDuty Connect event in Toronto, DevOps expert Arthur Maltson shared a recent story about chaperoning his daughter’s school field trip to a The post What DevOps Teams Can Learn From Firefighters & Jack White appeared...

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How to Create a Winning Unique Selling Proposition

One of the most important attributes you can come up with for your business is your unique selling proposition or USP. This is what differentiates you from your competitors, telling the marketplace what your brand does better than anyone else in...

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KashFlow Guide to Direct Debits

We’ve partnered with GoCardless to help our customers get paid on time by adopting Direct Debits. But is this the right payment collection method for your business? This blog looks at the advantages of using Direct Debit payments, and some...

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Tip of the Week – Add a Contact at a Specific Point in an Automation

Did you know you can manually add a contact at a specific point in your automation? Just follow these steps: 1. Add a Goal action above the step in the automation that you want the contact to begin at 2. Configure the Goal so that a contact must...

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Sending email using the Mailgun PHP API

This is a guest post by Mihály Sáróy, Developer at EDMdesigner. It’s been a while since the Mailgun PHP SDK came around, and we’ve seen lots of changes: new functionalities, new integrations built on top, new...

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11 Ways to Get Paid to Travel and Live In That Beach Bungalow

Whenever people hear the phrase “get paid to travel”, they dismiss the idea as a pipe dream. Paid to sightsee? Pft, how impossible. The post 11 Ways to Get Paid to Travel and Live In That Beach Bungalow appeared first on Toggl Blog.

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