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8 Unexpected Ways to Combine Live Chat with Ecommerce

In this post, Robert Brandl, owner of WebsiteToolTester, shares some creative ideas for using live chat to improve your online store and increase your sales.   [ Read More ]


How Olark Defined Our Company Values

As we scaled our startup, we knew we needed more than just a mission statement to focus our team, improve our hiring practices, and keep communications issues in the workplace at a minimum. In 2012...   [ Read More ]


How an ISO Certified Company Uses Live Chat

Question: What do industries like auto, supply, and manufacturing have in common?Answer: They’ve been around a heck of a lot longer than live chat.   [ Read More ]


4 Tips for Selling to a Multilingual Audience

While English once dominated the internet, it's now the preferred language of barely a quarter of the online population. As of December 2017, just 25.4 percent of internet users spoke English as...   [ Read More ]


Should you use machine translation to talk to your non-English-Speaking customers? We think yes!

A few years ago, a colleague turned me on to a pretty fun procrastination game — type a few English sentences into Google Translate, translate them into another language, translate the result...   [ Read More ]


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