PagerDuty is the command center for IT, providing on-call schedule management, alerting and incident tracking.

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Banjos, Trumpets, and Bass—Oh My! by Evelyn Chea

“The PagerDuty values that resonate most with me are Champion the Customer and Run Together. The first because I work with customers every day, and... The post Banjos, Trumpets, and...   [ Read More ]


A DevOps-Principled Approach to Inclusion, Diversity, and Belonging by Rachel Obstler

Many organizations are transitioning to DevOps, a software practice where developers both write and operate their code. This transition is often driven by digital transformation... The post A...   [ Read More ]


Serverless Event-Driven Workflows with PagerDuty and Amazon EventBridge by Andrew Marshall

This week’s AWS Summit in New York was an exciting one for both AWS and PagerDuty. The AWS team rolled out Amazon EventBridge, a set... The post Serverless Event-Driven Workflows with...   [ Read More ]


You’ve Been Accepted: PagerDuty University by PagerDuty

Last year at PagerDuty Summit 2018, we officially launched PagerDuty University (PDU), a training program that provides hands-on classroom training to current and prospective customers... The post...   [ Read More ]


SecOps for the Cloud: PagerDuty and AWS Security Hub by Andrew Marshall

This week at re:Inforce in Boston, the AWS team showed off its Security Hub service—a powerful service that provides SecOps teams a comprehensive view of... The post SecOps for the Cloud:...   [ Read More ]


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