PagerDuty is the command center for IT, providing on-call schedule management, alerting and incident tracking.

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Fast Data, Fast Monitoring

Big data is old news. Today, the key to leveraging data effectively is to do fast data. In a similar fashion, traditional incident management—which entails collecting and analyzing large...   [ Read More ]


7 Steps to Avoiding Downtime

Ensure High Availability for Your Applications With These 7 Steps Several months ago, Delta experienced an IT outage that cost them over $150 million, dropping their overall profit margins by...   [ Read More ]


Life at PagerDuty: How PagerDuty Grows Its People

Why I Joined When I decided to interview at PagerDuty almost two years ago, two things convinced me this was the right fit for me as an Engineering Manager: the people and the product. Since then,...   [ Read More ]


What Does Downtime Cost Your Business?

The Ponemon Institute estimates an average per-minute cost for just partial outages to be $5,600.00 (which comes to over $300,000.00 per hour), with costs running much higher in some industries....   [ Read More ]


Monitoring in the Microservices Age

Managing Increased Complexity Against Greater Agility Thanks to Docker and the DevOps revolution, microservices have emerged as the new way to build and deploy applications — and there are...   [ Read More ]


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