Telephony is complex. Plivo, focuses on lowering those barriers, by offering simple and powerful APIs that make it easier for businesses and developers to write telephony apps

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Dynamically Caching Audio Files For Superior Voice Experience

The concept of caching is not new. Just peek into your backyard - the neighborhood squirrels are always working towards caching their acorns in empty tree stumps for the impending El Niño!   [ Read More ]


Plivo introduces 27 Languages & 40+ additional Text-to-Speech voices with Amazon Polly Integration

We are excited to announce that Plivo now supports Amazon Polly, adding more than 40 voices, 27 languages, and new APIs to give developers more control over synthesized speech output in...   [ Read More ]


Debugging Made Simple - Call Hangup Causes & Sources added on Plivo Platform

Why did the call terminate? Who hung up the call? These are questions we receive from our customers regularly. The answer is often not that simple. For instance, an ongoing call could be hung up by...   [ Read More ]


Plivo Docs - iOS SDK v2 for VoIP | Plivo

To build a PHLO and link it to the endpoint On the top navigation bar, click PHLO. The PHLO page will appear and display your existing PHLOs, if any. If this is your first PHLO, then the PHLO page...   [ Read More ]


Snapcrap - How I built an app to solve San Francisco’s poop problem

Why build an app to clean sidewalks ? When I moved to San Francisco, in May of 2017, it didn’t take long to realize that the city was facing an all out health crisis. Take a quick walk...   [ Read More ]


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