Get work done with your co-workers and clients on a social work platform that you make your own. Work with any group of people inside a workspace and your entire company in your Employee Network.

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Transforming finance reporting using ShareFile and Podio workflows

My name is Brett Morrone, a Customer Success Engineer in Citrix Cloud Adoption Services, helping our customers improve and automate how they work. Recently, I have been working with CRH, a global...   [ Read More ]


A Game-Changer for the Podio App Market

The inclusion of Globiflow with Podio is an exciting development for the product. Among the many other benefits Globiflow brings to Podio, it casts fresh light on the tremendous value of the Podio...   [ Read More ]


Using Podio for Construction Finance Management at Rambøll

My name is Anders Bendix Kiel, founder of BendixKiel and an experienced Podio and Citrix partner since 2010. When it comes to administering the finances of a building site, many managers feel...   [ Read More ]


How Indoor Wayfinding experts, MapsPeople, take their business to the next level

My name is Søren Knorr Søndergaard, and I am working at MapsPeople A/S as Business Operations Manager. Back in January 2016, we decided to rethink the way we work. We are a fast...   [ Read More ]


Globiflow is now part of Citrix!

I am pleased to announce that Globiflow is now officially part of the Citrix family! Built by Andreas Huttenrauch in 2013, Globiflow uses a combination of new technology and the Podio API to...   [ Read More ]


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