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Visual Storytelling Made Easy: 6 Quick Tips From the Experts

Every presentation for a product or service can hugely benefit from a visual story that communicates its purpose, but building an effective one can be tricky. Where do you start? How many words...   [ Read More ]


Presenting PRESENT

It’s with a huge amount of pride and excitement that we announce the first ever PRESENT Conference. This is an event for the millions of people who give presentations every year.. For...   [ Read More ]


Pitching with Prezi at SXSW: Part of the Fabric

For the 8th year running, this year’s South by Southwest conference included an Accelerator pitch competition. The event allows for startups to present their companies to potential...   [ Read More ]


The Four Presentation Types Every Young Professional Needs

Here are some of the different kinds of presentations that employees climbing up the ranks need to be prepared to give on any given day, along with some tips on how to develop your skills within...   [ Read More ]


The Power of Visual B2B Storytelling (Webinar Recap)

On March 16, Spencer Waldron of Prezi and Andrea Goodkind of BrightTALK teamed up to host a webinar on the power of visual storytelling in B2B presentations. Read our recap below: Looking for...   [ Read More ]


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