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Moving to a metric centric model – Zoom, SNMP, statsd, JMX & 70 new plugins

Earlier this year, we completed a migration to a new time series database (OpenTSDB) backed by a new datastore (Google Cloud Bigtable). There were many reasons for this migration but […] The...   [ Read More ]


How to do code reviews

Peer review is a well established concept in the scientific world, leading to higher quality work, improvements to techniques and an avenue for individuals to learn by examining the work...   [ Read More ]


How we do HumanOps at Server Density

HumanOps came from experience of Server Density’s team being on call. In the early years, I was on call 24/7 for long periods of time. As the team grew, we […] The post How we do...   [ Read More ]


Lessons learned migrating from Backbone to Redux

When we were due to implement our Alert Costs feature we decided it was time to try out Redux on something real, over the Backbone models and collections we’d been […] The post Lessons...   [ Read More ]


Building a color engine for graphing

One of the basic features of a monitoring dashboard is to display metrics that came in from the monitored infrastructure. The bread-and-butter tools for this are simple line graphs, and […]...   [ Read More ]


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