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The Apprentice for Dummies

We all think we're above The Apprentice. That we've grown out of the ritual humiliation of Britain's greatest egotists. At this point a new series arrives. We're reminded there's something...   [ Read More ]


6 Ways To Procrastinate Better

Here at Siasto we are all about productivity, but we were thinking what would be the reverse of our normal workday? How could we really be distracted and procrastinate well? Well for all you...   [ Read More ]


Work Vs. Wimbledon

Last week the World Cup took a break for two days but I did not. I just moved on to Wimbledon. It wasn’t long before a Radio Five Live earpiece took up permanent residence in one ear and I...   [ Read More ]


The 80-20 Rule and You

There truly is nothing like peapods in gardens to reveal inherent truths of life and society. While most students of biology are no doubt familiar with Mendel's famous pea experiment that conferred...   [ Read More ]


Work Vs. The World Cup

Cometh the World Cup. At the back of my mind, I thought maybe... just maybe this would be the one. Maybe this tournament, after all these failures, would be the tournament which finally, I would...   [ Read More ]


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