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Silicon Valley vs Old School: how to persuade seniors that the Internet is not that scary?

Guess what? Even Silicon Valley guys can have trouble doing business electronically and e-sign contracts! Are you watching Season 6 of HBO’s Silicon Valley? We at SignNow are big fans! And in...   [ Read More ]


Doubtful security of wet signatures – mind the risks and alternatives

Even considering all the safety measures, banks  annually lose about $900 million due to fake wet signatures on checks.  Wet signatures used to be the basic way to define someone’s...   [ Read More ]


Signing rituals: the difference between paperless and paper-based process

The signing process consists of a lot of factors that impact the whole workflow cycle. So it’s important to figure out how traditional paperwork signing differs from paperless processes. We...   [ Read More ]


National Compliance Officer Day: stay compliant with SignNow!

Two compliance officers walk into a bar and after ordering a drink, take out their own sandwiches to eat. -Hey, you can’t come here with your own food! – said the bartender. Both guys...   [ Read More ]


Signing off: is handwritten signature already dead?

It first appeared as a sign of power, primarily as the signature of a lord, and was inseparable from other signs of power such as the cross or the royal seal. But considering the rapid spread of...   [ Read More ]


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