Payment Gateway for simplified PCI compliance, working with one or multiple payment gateways.

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Spreedly and Worldpay Partner to Deepen Support for Online Merchants Globally

The Spreedly-Worldpay partnership enables mutual customers to transact more easily around the world Spreedly, a robust online payments platform that provides cloud-based infrastructure designed to...   [ Read More ]


New Spreedly Dashboard Boosts Successful Transactions

The new Spreedly Dashboard is here! It gives users tools to increase successful transactions.   You’re building great buying experiences for your customers. And you want to support that...   [ Read More ]


Cash me if you can: simple steps to lower your credit cards decline rate

Part 1: Credit Card vs Debit Card Decline Rates: Are Credit Cards Worth the Processing Fees?   “There is not much merchants can do about credit card declines” is probably not...   [ Read More ]


Spreedly and Omnivore

Spreedly has always taken a developer first approach to allowing new types of commerce to occur that are both secure and innovative. One of our core abilities is to allow credit card data to be...   [ Read More ]


How effective is Spreedly’s credit card Account Updater?

Account Updater One of the most common, and understandable, questions we receive is, “how many cards can I expect to be updated if I utilize the Account Updater service?” We’ve...   [ Read More ]


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