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Can a pill really make you smart?

Nootropics are gaining more attention recently, but if you haven’t heard of them before they’ll probably sound like something from a SciFi novel, rather than real life. Nootropics are a...   [ Read More ]


3 Ways We Acquired Our First Paying Customer

I’d like for this blog post to be a bit different. I’ve decided to catalogue our experience (up to June 3, 2013) into a simple list post in chronological order. The big idea is to show...   [ Read More ]


How Ditching the Office can Lead to a Healthier Life

When we think of an office, we probably imagine a place looking like this: It’s nothing surprising; It’s a typical-looking workplace. It seems harmless, doesn’t it? Although it...   [ Read More ]


5 Tricks to Increase Your Team’s Loyalty

We’ve all done it before: One day, we lose faith in our team or company, so we find an exit and take it. That’s generally what happens when a team member loses loyalty towards their...   [ Read More ]


How to Kill the Lazy Slump and Keep Energy High All Day Long

Most workdays I feel myself slow down and my mind start wandering in the early afternoon. I often give in to the sleepy feeling and take a nap, but when I have lots to do I might go for a coffee...   [ Read More ]


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