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Understanding The Impact Of AdWords Campaigns On Offline Commerce

We all know that one of the strongest selling points for digital advertising is the unprecedented targeting and measuring options available. Some of the most common metrics are impressions, clicks,...   [ Read More ]


How To Manage Client Relationships By Thinking Like An Employee

Strong client relationships are vital if you want to grow your agency into a sustainable business. As you earn trust through delivering on results, a healthy relationship can naturally migrate from...   [ Read More ]


How To Use PPC To Go Global On A Budget

Your goal may be to build a global business, but your budget, unlike your plans, must have boundaries. That translates into a laser focus on generating leads, not just clicks. At the recent...   [ Read More ]


Understanding The Use Of Attribution Modeling With AI/Machine Learning

The days relying on PPC analysts are over. Or at least that’s what many in the industry believe. When looking at the current digital marketing landscape, I think the advent of AI/Machine...   [ Read More ]


Proving Digital Marketing ROI For Offline Store Traffic And Sales

As marketers we know that digital advertising can impact offline store visits and sales, but how can we successfully communicate that to small business owners? In this spotlight, Bloom Digital...   [ Read More ]


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