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Your First Hackathon: A Survival Guide

Your First Hackathon: A Survival Guide At some point in your life as a programmer, a friend or colleague will tell you about a hackathon. You may imagine green code racing down a black background...   [ Read More ]


Student Success: How Treehouse helped George Lambert get out of a cubicle to form his own company

Treehouse Success Story: How George Lambert moved from a cubicle to his own company George Lambert worked in a bank as a Python developer, mainly focused on numerical software engineering. He...   [ Read More ]


How learning to code changed my life

How learning to code changed my life My name is Debbie and I am 39 years old. I’m a Frontend Architect for Bluekiri, part of the Logitravel Group in Mallorca, Spain. Sometimes I have a hard...   [ Read More ]


The Soft Skills Benefit of Tech Skills

Most businesses see tech training as a tool to solve a specific problem, like teaching developers a new framework to deploy in an upcoming project. These newly acquired technical aptitudes build...   [ Read More ]


Prepare and Impress: Four vital tasks to complete before your next job interview

Are first impressions really that important? PsychologyToday summarized a neuroscience research study from New York University in this way: Meeting people activates the same region of the brain...   [ Read More ]


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