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What is a VPN? And why do you need one in 2020?

Globally, it is estimated that 53 percent of internet users are more concerned about their online privacy now than they were a year ago. Online privacy is next to non-existent these days. For...   [ Read More ]


What is SQL?

Programming isn’t just about web design. In fact, working with databases constitutes the majority of what many back-end and full stack programmers work on day-to-day. There are coding...   [ Read More ]


What is OOP?

As anyone working in software could tell you, coding can get really complicated really quickly. Luckily for them (and us!), OOP is there to make things simpler—and, ultimately, to make apps...   [ Read More ]


How to Market Your Freelance Developer Skills

You’ve been working as a web developer for as long as you can remember, and you want to break the monotony by going freelance. Great! As a freelance developer, you can use your skills to...   [ Read More ]


What is Git?

Curious how the coding world works? Well, there are lots of ways developers work on sites and apps together, and Git is one of the main tools they use to do it. What is Git? Git is a version...   [ Read More ]


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