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4 Reasons Why JavaScript is Beginner Friendly

JavaScript is the most popular and versatile programming language in the world. It's also the first programming language many developers learn. Why is that? The post 4 Reasons Why JavaScript is...   [ Read More ]


How to Learn to Code

Congratulations! You’ve decided you want to learn to code. Whether it’s because you’re interested in tech, or you want a high-paying career — you’re in the right...   [ Read More ]


What Is Code?

Sometimes, it feels like people who can code seem like they have superpowers. But what is code, anyway? Code is all around us. Code is used in things like computers, phones, self-driving cars, and...   [ Read More ]


Why You Should Learn Python

Thinking about learning Python? That’s a great idea. What is Python? Python is a general purpose programming language that is used for a variety of different web applications. It was designed...   [ Read More ]


What I’m Learning: How to Create Balanced and Diverse Teams

Hey everybody! 👋 Ryan here again. I have some exciting news. I’m assuming you’re here for two reasons. First: You want to learn more about how to create balanced and diverse...   [ Read More ]


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