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Say what?

Howdy, Echoes have long provided a way for support staff to provide answers faster. Unfortunately, it was not always easy to use with a large number of echoes. So today, I’m happy to...   [ Read More ]


Slack integration

Hi all, We know Slack is awesome. We love it and use it every day. Until now, there was not an easy way to integrate Slack with Tender. But rejoice! You can now receive all your Tender...   [ Read More ]


Service interruption: DDOS

Hi all, This evening we experienced a large DDOS on Tender which brought the site down for most customers. We worked with our hosting provider to mitigate the attack and the traffic is now under...   [ Read More ]


Maintenance Thursday 25th at 8pm EST

Lighthouse will be in maintenance mode tomorrow night at 8pm EST, for about 1h, hopefully less. This is a bit short notice, but we have to perform some important hardware updates. As usual, you...   [ Read More ]


Tender is mobile friendly!

Starting today, if you access a Tender site on mobile, you will get a nice mobile view (at last!). If your site uses custom CSS, you will need to manually activate it: please read the KB article...   [ Read More ]


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