Twilio opens the black box of telecom and makes it easy for web and mobile developers to build voice, VoIP and text messaging applications in the cloud.

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Twilio Flex Developer Spotlight - Scorpion Designs

Welcome to the first installment of a new blog series called Twilio Flex Developer Spotlight. Over the next few months we’ll showcase how developers use Programmability with Twilio Flex to...   [ Read More ]


When Not to Use Lock Files with Node.js

Probably one of the most common situations that you encounter when debugging a problem is the "works on my machine" scenario. This is often the result of different underlying dependencies on the...   [ Read More ]


Get Early Access to TwilioQuest 3, a PC RPG for Mac, Windows, and Linux

When we released the first version of TwilioQuest in 2013, developers had a great time leveling up their Twilio API skills and equipping rad loot on their (extremely primitive!) TwilioQuest avatar....   [ Read More ]


How to control and record voice calls with Node.js serverless functions

There are many ways to communicate with your friends and family. You might use good old SMS, Whatsapp, emails and of course phone calls. Recently, I came across a surprising new way of...   [ Read More ]


Serverless Ruby on AWS Lambda with the Jets framework

When AWS launched Lambda in 2014 there was no love for Ruby. Platforms like Python, Node.js, and Java started the serverless revolution for hosting and running functions in the cloud. At...   [ Read More ]


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