Twilio opens the black box of telecom and makes it easy for web and mobile developers to build voice, VoIP and text messaging applications in the cloud.

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Introducing Python Developer Miguel Grinberg

Hello everyone, my name is Miguel Grinberg, and I am super excited to join the Developer Voices team at Twilio. I have a Masters degree in Computer Science, and for the last few years I’ve...   [ Read More ]


Create Transactional Emails you can Reply to in PHP with Twilio SendGrid Inbound Parse

You’ve probably received many emails sent in the format [email protected] The irony of no-reply emails are that they often contain information that we would like to respond to. It would...   [ Read More ]


Serverless SMS Messaging using JavaScript and Twilio Functions

Function As A Service is a solution that allows developers to develop, deploy, and run event-driven functions in the cloud that are fully managed. Without the need for maintaining infrastructure,...   [ Read More ]


New Rich Features Support Deeper Customer Engagement on WhatsApp

In August 2018, we launched the Twilio API for Whatsapp, enabling developers to reach their users directly in Whatsapp, using the same API they use for SMS. With over 1.6 billion monthly...   [ Read More ]


Building a Disaster Response Contact Center with Twilio Flex

What would you do if you had 48 hours before a major hurricane makes landfall nearby? You’d probably buy water and food, or maybe even evacuate to another location. Building a contact center...   [ Read More ]


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