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4 Lessons We Learned in 2019 (and How Marketers Can Apply Them in 2020)

To wrap up the year, we're revisiting the big lessons drawn from our most popular pieces on digital marketing and landing pages. For each, we'll talk about how you can best apply these lessons in...   [ Read More ]


Evergreen SaaS Landing Pages You Should Have Running at All Times [Examples]

Developing always-on campaigns creates consistent growth in an efficient, scalable way. We’ve rounded up five examples that we think every SaaS marketer should have in their arsenal.   [ Read More ]


4 Power Plays for Driving Qualified Google Traffic (Even When No One’s Looking for You)

The opportunity to drive traffic with Google Ads is massive—even if no one is entering your product or service into a search box. Amy Hebdon from Paid Search Magic talks about how.   [ Read More ]


Why You Need Pre-Cart Landing Pages for Ecommerce (with Examples)

Successful ecommerce brands make the most of every paid click. See how pre-cart landing pages can help you get more sales outta your advertising traffic.   [ Read More ]


Marketers Need an Easier Way to Optimize Landing Pages [Introducing Smart Traffic™]

A/B testing can be incredible, but it has a fatal flaw. Learn about an easier way to optimize your landing pages with Smart Traffic.   [ Read More ]


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