userfox helps companies improve user retention through welcome, inactivity and custom trigger based emails.

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userfox adroll

I am delighted to announce that AdRoll has made its second acquisition – userfox. AdRoll is an internet retargeting company based in San Francisco. It seems odd, perhaps, that AdRoll would...   [ Read More ]


Mailto Generator

I just created a very simple mailto href link generator. Everyone knows how to build these, but I got sick of having to find the right encoding to do anything slightly sophisticated. Another cool...   [ Read More ]


How to tell users about the gmail changes that cost you opens

A few months ago Google introduced Tabs to GMail. Preliminary research from MailChimp says that these tabs have given "a small but definite drop" in open rates. I don't wish to simply copy their...   [ Read More ]


Email templates, a brief primer

Did you know userfox supported multiple email templates? Probably. What are email templates? There are two parts to a message you create inside userfox: firstly, the message body: you write this...   [ Read More ]


Animated Gif Screencasts

Why record a screencast when you can use a gif? Benefits of Animated Gifs Gifs are smaller in filesize. All of the images on this page add up to less than one megabyte. Gifs can be shared,...   [ Read More ]


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