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Customer Centric Culture: Purpose and Profitability?

In a nutshell being customer-centric means: putting your customers first. But it is actually a lot deeper than that. It is placing customers at the core of your business and then building...   [ Read More ]


Why you should focus on quality assurance planning

One of the most difficult parts of software architecture is quality assurance planning. Brian Foote and Joseph Yoder said, “If you think good architecture is expensive, try bad...   [ Read More ]


3 Surefire Ways To Enhance Your Customer Experience

Boost your business growth with the outstanding customer experience and build products your customers will love. We’ve entered the era of the customer.  The SaaS market is getting more...   [ Read More ]


Customer Experience Strategy for Small Business in 6 Steps

Many small businesses fail because they overlook the importance of a customer experience strategy. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it is the plan undertaken by a business to address a...   [ Read More ]


Customer feedback examples from 10 leading companies – Google, Facebook, Amazon…

We’re glad to see more and more big companies putting customer feedback at high priority, so today we want to share the top 10 customer feedback examples with you to help you get started in...   [ Read More ]


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