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10 Effective Ways of Collecting Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is important. But customers have short attention spans. So, how do you overcome this hurdle and get this extremely valuable customer feedback? By creating an easy and seamless...   [ Read More ]


Crowdtesting – all you need to know

You have developed your product sparked by brilliant ideas and are ready to go-live. But have you caught all the bugs in your application? The customer finding it could damage your reputation....   [ Read More ]


How to Fix Customer Feedback Failure – 9 Tips

Failure. It’s an inevitable human experience. We will all fail occasionally. But when a business fails in any key area, the results can impact its success. And what makes a business...   [ Read More ]


25 Digital Marketing Tools for Digital Agencies in 2019

It doesn’t matter if you are a solopreneur digital marketer, a freelancer or work in a huge digital marketing agency. Digital marketing tools are a way to gain a competitive edge. We put...   [ Read More ]


Automated Vs. Manual User Testing

As a Quality Assurance Manager, you’re fighting daily with testing websites or software during the build process, as well as after launch. With this comparison between automated vs. manual...   [ Read More ]


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