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What is a Decision Tree and How to Make One [Templates + Examples]

Question: when was the last time you really agonized over a decision? I’m not talking about an Uber Eats level decision, but a nerve-wracking, hair-pulling decision that could have a massive...   [ Read More ]


7 Real Estate Marketing Tips to Get More Clients in 2019 [Templates + Case Study]

Real estate is an industry defined by massive opportunity—and competition. In order to come out ahead, it’s essential to keep up with consumer demands, as well as the latest technology...   [ Read More ]


140+ New HR Trends & Stats For 2019

The field of human resources is going through a transformation. In the past, it used to be all about making sure paperwork is filled out, hiring new employees and resolving office conflicts....   [ Read More ]


15+ Professional Case Study Examples [Design Tips + Templates]

Case studies are an incredibly effective form of marketing that you can use to help promote your product. Case studies take an existing customer and explore how they utilize your product to help...   [ Read More ]


Management Styles According to The Lion King [Infographic + Quiz]

  The Lion King is unquestionably a film about leadership, and it portrays almost as many types of leaders as it does animals. Along with the legions of 90’s kids, I’m eagerly...   [ Read More ]


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